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DELFIN TS 2100 - Desktop

DELFIN® TS Glass washer system


Amount: á135,80

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For washing also outside the sink – ideal where there is no sink (e.g. at events). Complete discharge distribution included.

WxHxD in cm: 40 x 35,5 x 20

oversized wheat beer glasses and beer mugs with

handle up to 1 liter

Saves up to 70\% water

Washes glasses completly with cold water. Glasses can be used again immediately

4 suction feet on the bottom for stability

Dirt-resistant surface

Rounded encapsulated casing, no more sharp corners

Rotatable 360 degree water connection

Removeable overflow makes easy emptying of the rinsing pot

Easy release for inner brush with bayonet lock

TRSK 400

Separate pre- and after rinsing in one sink according to EU (TRSK 400) regulations

Fits all standard commercial sinks


blueDesktopgray"Kölsch" glass washer
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