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Since 1975 when it was established, Fuchs Gastronomiebedarf GmbH has managed to grow steadily every year.

Set up a good 38 years ago by Claudia and Gunter Fuchs in Offenbach am Main originally as a business enterprise for catering trade items used in Restaurants, Pubs and Bars the business is until today still family owned.

Taking strategic and commercial steps has enabled the firm to develop in response to the increased demands made by the markets, so that it has also become the manufacturer of well-known catering trade items.

True to the motto of the current owner: "If there aren't any suppliers prepared to work together with us to launch a new product on the market, then we shall just have to make it
ourselves!", the company has developed and manufactured innovative product areas itself. Here too there has been a slow but steady upwards trend, so that the entire logistic system had to be redesigned.

All the preconditions for rapid and customer-friendly handling were created by moving into the new company headquarters in Muehlheim am Main.

With more than 3,500 items today, Fuchs is not only a leading supplier in its product sector in Germany, but the experience and selected product quality of this well-established company are also used in many other parts of the world.

DELFIN Gläserspüler, BOTTLE-MASTER und SPIRIT-MASTER sind eingtragene Warenzeichen der Fuchs Gastronomiebedarf GmbH.
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